How do I set up an employee?

New to Thankyou Payroll? Or just want a reminder on how to set up an employees profile? This guide will tell you how.

Prior to setting up an employee, you must have the basic mandatory details about the employee on hand. Some of the sections in an employee's profile will not allow you to save and move to the next page unless all the details have been entered correctly.

To get started, you should have:

  • The employee's first and the last name
  • The employee's start date
  • The employee's IRD number
  • The employee's name on the bank account
  • The employee's bank account number
  • The employee's email address for payslips to be emailed to
  • The employee's pay rate
  • The employee's tax code
  • The employee's (KS2) and employers KS contribution rate
  • The agreed leave method by both the parties. If you are unsure on this, please contact Employment New Zealand website for assistance.

Let's start

To begin setting up a new employee log in and click on "employees" from the top menu. Choose "add new employee".  

Once you have clicked on "add new employee" this will take you to the Employee Profile screen where you will complete the employee's details. Make sure to click "save" or "save + next" after each page.

You can navigate away from editing employees at any time by clicking on any of the menus at the top of the screen.

You have now come to the end of the employee profile set up you are now ready to include this employee in a Pay.  

You can navigate away from this screen by clicking on any of the menus at the top of the screen after all the information added have been saved.