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Changing Pay Day settings

When the Pay arrives in our account, and your employee's account

  1. Set the day of the week on which your employees will be paid (when the money will appear in their account)
  2. Set your plan
  3. Set your pay period

 These are all flexible - you can change them as you wish.

Once updated, any new Pay created will follow the chosen settings. While they are flexible and can be changed, changes won't appear in a existing Pay that has already been set up or finalised. These should be altered manually, which can be done my selecting "Amend this pay" on the Dashboard.


 When dealing with Pays, these two things are most important:

  1. When your Pay deposit arrives in our account
  2. The deposit amount

As long as these are correct, your Pay should be sent out. If the deposit reaches us in time (whether you are on the 2 Day Plan, 1 Day Plan, or Overnight Plan) you can still alter the Pay day. You can also alter the amount paid to your employees as long as it equal to, or below, the amount you deposited into our account - we will credit you the remainder