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Payments to the Ministry of Justice

Thankyou Payroll can manage payments for Ministry of Justice fines.


When you receive a notice from Ministry of Justice about a payment, you must start making deductions from the employee's income. Ministry of Justice fine payments are deducted from an employee's net wages and we pass on the payments to the Ministry when the pay processes.

Setting up the payments

  1. Go to the employee's profile and then to the fines & payments tab.
  2. Enter the 10 digit PPN number.
  3. Click to add or update payments.


Important: This section only processes Ministry of Justice fines. If you try to use this section for other external payments, the money may just disappear without any tracking information, or be sent back to us at a later date. For court ordered fines you'll need to set up a custom pay type similar to a WINZ repayment. See the custom pay types guide for more information.


When a timesheet is created for the employee the pay summary will show the payment deducted and the balance still owing.