Adding Annual Leave to a time sheet

This guide will explain how to add Annual leave into a timesheet for employee's

Adding Annual Leave to a timesheet

This applies to employees using the leave setting: 'Rate set as per the holidays act'

Add a row to the same week as their standard pay entry by clicking the + button.


Once you have clicked "update and save" you can click into the green box where you have entered the hours for Annual Leave.  This will show you the following:



  1. Value that is being paid
  2. Whether leave is being paid at the ordinary or average
  3. How many days are being deducted from the leave balance
  4. The hours that are set for 1 ordinary day.  If this does not match the hours recorded in the timesheet then either less or more than a day will be deducted.  For more information click here

Click here for information on leave balances