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Checking Annual Leave Calculations in a timesheet

When you enter annual leave in a timesheet you can check the value of what the annual leave is being paid at and the amount being deducted from the leave balance.

Once you have entered the annual leave entry in the timesheet make sure you click "update and save"  You will know this has been done when each entry of the timesheet shows in a green box.

You will need to click in green box of the entry for annual leave. Scroll down beneath the timesheet to see the details of the annual leave calculations


1. Value of the Annual Leave

2. This will show the ordinary hours that are set in the employee profile leave settings referred to as "hours in a typical week" multiplied by the hourly rate to give the ordinary weekly earnings

Note: this is for an employee who is set with an hourly rate in their employee settings with leave method "rate set as per the holidays act"

3. This will show the total gross for the past 12 months (or relevant history), this is divided by 52 weeks or less if they have been in Thankyou Payroll less than a year.  This will show the average weekly earnings

4. This shows whether the leave is being paid at the ordinary or average rate per hour whichever is higher.

5. This shows the number of hours the system recognises as a typical day (as shown below) i.e. 22/3=7.3333.

6. This is the value deducted from the annual leave balance.

Please contact us on 0800 895 146 if you require any assistance with annual leave calculations.