Timesheet overview

  1. Check that you are editing the correct employee's Timesheet.
  2. The pay number of this Pay (check that you are working on the right pay especially if you have multiple pays on the Dashboard)
  3. Adjust the start date of the employee's Pay period by clicking the calendar, if needed.
  4. Standard pay settings are the default, and can be altered on a week-to-week basis.  To add additional payments, rows can be added and other pay types selected    
  5. Adds a row to the week.  This would be used if you needed to record another pay type in the same week.
  6. Adds a week to the timesheet
  7. When an employee is ending their employment, set this Pay as the employee's final.
  8. Select "Update and save" before leaving the page
  9. Summary information as it will appear in the employee payslip

Select the pay type you need from the pull-down list


1. Pay types available to use in a timesheet.  If you need to create a new pay type click here.

2. To remove a row, select the red "-" button at the end of the row you want to remove. The entries will be removed from the system - there is no 'are you sure' dialogue

3. Hours can be recorded as a fraction or in hours and minutes i.e. 7.5 or 7:30 

Pay types revealed: