When did the sick leave entitlement change from 5 days to 10?

On July 24, 2021 the sick leave entitlement for employees rose from 5 to 10 days per year.

Updated: September 2023

The Thankyou Payroll system automatically assigns 10 days of sick leave after 6 months of continuous employment.

The system's default maximum sick leave balance is 20 days.

The system's default maximum carry-over ceiling is 10 days. This basically means that no more than 10 days can be carried over at an employee's anniversary, because they will also be allocated 10 days at that point. 10+10=20 days maximum sick balance.

What you'll see in the Employee Profile: Leave Tab

To explore each of these fields, follow this link to our dedicated Leave Tab walkthrough.

Info - Blue Block (1)To find out more about sick leave, visit the Employment NZ website.