Setting up Direct Debit

To simplify your payroll, you can set up direct debiting. We will then be able to deduct the funds for your wages and/or fees directly from your bank account.

Direct debits are only allowed to be set up by users authorised by the account signatory.

Add your bank details to your Thankyou Payroll Settings page

We need to have your account information so we can activate the direct debit authority.


 Complete the Direct Debit Authority page in your Account Settings

Under the settings menu on your dashboard you'll see the Direct debit tab. Here you can read all about direct debiting and activate it for wages and/or fees.


Once you've read all that and chosen your options you will enter your account details for us to debit.

Only someone with signing authority on the bank account you are setting up should be setting this up.


Once the debit has been confirmed you will receive email confirmation.

You will also be able to see that your dashboard will change and the "Finalise pay" button will become a "Confirm and debit" button.

When this button is clicked it will set the debit and the funds will be taken from your account based on your plan type.

For example, if you are on a 2-day plan the funds will be deducted from your account 3 working days before the pay day, so they are in our account 2 working days before the pay day. Your fees will remain the same as long as you confirm and debit in time.

Please note direct debit cannot be used for overnight pays. If you need to do an overnight pay you will need to use internet banking.