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Public Holiday: Labour Day 2023

On Monday 23rd October we will be celebrating the 8-hour working day with a public holiday on Labour Day. Find out how to prepare you payroll so you can also relax.

Updated: October 2023

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Before you start

Before starting this process, you will need the following:

  • the date of your scheduled pay day, 
  • how your pay is processed.

When is Labour Day public holiday this year?

Labour Day is celebrated on the forth Monday in October, which falls on Monday 23rd October in 2023. 

Do I need to make changes to my payroll? 

Saturday 21st October can be a pay day as usual. 

Previously, Tuesday 24th October was not available as a pay day due to the public holiday. This pay day has now been unlocked for Manual Bank Transfer pay funding only. Check with your bank regarding their offering of 365 processing before selecting this date as a pay date. Due to some changes still to be implemented by BNZ, Tuesday 24th October your pay day will be affected if you are using Direct Debit or Pay Automation. Please use the table below to find out how this applies to your pay. 

Use the table below to find out whether you need to make any changes to your payroll:

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Pro Tip - Blue BlockPro tip: if you still want to pay your employees on Tuesday 24th October, please get in touch to use our urgent same-day service for an additional charge of $15.

Employer obligations

Some of your employees might work on Labour Day public holiday, or take the day off. This will impact how you enter their timesheets. Find out how to enter public holidays.

If your employee works on a public holiday, you are required to pay them ‘time and a half’ or 1.5 times their standard rate for this day. If the public holiday is an otherwise working day for this employee, you’ll also need to allocate alternative holidays to their leave balance.

Did you know - Green BlockDid you know: For more information on public holidays and your obligations as an employer, check out our Public Holidays Guide or visit the Employment New Zealand website.

Feeling stuck?

Our friendly payroll experts are just an email or a phone call away. Email support will be available between 9 am and 1 pm on Labour Day.

Email us at help@thankyoupayroll.co.nz, or call us on 04 488 7531 for professional, one-on-one guidance.

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