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Public Holiday: Christmas & New Year's 2023/2024

Find out how to prepare your payroll for Christmas and New Year's and make this holiday season a merry one.

Updated: December 2023

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What dates are the public holidays during this festive season?

There are four public holidays over this holiday season.

Christmas Day is celebrated on Monday 25th December, with Boxing Day on Tuesday 26th December. New Year's Day falls on Monday 1st January with Tuesday 2nd January being the Day after New Year's Day public holiday. 

Do I need to make changes to my payroll? 


Tuesday 26th December, Wednesday 27th December, Tuesday 2nd January and Wednesday 3rd January cannot be pay days, due to some changes still to be implemented by BNZ.

Additionally, depending on your plan, your pay day and your payment method, you may need to adjust your pay to ensure it arrives on time.*

Use the table below to find out whether you need to make any changes to your payroll:


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Pro Tip - Blue BlockPro tip: if you still want to pay your employees on these Wednesdays, please get in touch to use our urgent same-day service for an additional charge of $15.

Employer obligations

Some of your employees might work on these public holidays, you might have a business closedown period, or some may take time off. This will impact how you enter their timesheets. Find out how to enter public holidays.

If your employee works on a public holiday, you are required to pay them ‘time and a half’ or 1.5 times their standard rate for this day. If the public holiday is an otherwise working day for this employee, you’ll also need to allocate alternative holidays to their leave balance.

Did you know - Green BlockDid you know: For more information on public holidays and your obligations as an employer, check out our Public Holidays Guide or visit the Employment New Zealand website.

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Email us at help@thankyoupayroll.co.nz, or call us on 04 488 7531 for professional, one-on-one guidance.

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