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Pay slips - show pay rates

Pay rates are not displayed in your employee's payslips by default but it's easy to change this so that rates are displayed.

This setting is turned on in your employee's profile

Go to: 'Employees' via the main menu and select the employee who's payslip preferences you want to update.  Then go to 'Standard pay' and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

1. Simply click 'Yes' if you want to show pay rates in this employee's payslips

2. If you want to set this feature for all current employee profiles, tick this option.

3. If you want to set this feature for any future employees that join your organisation, also tick this option.

Remember to save your changes!

You can change this setting back to 'No' whenever you like, either for this employee only or for all employees.

What you and your employee will see