What happens with pay automation around public holidays? Should I do anything?

Pay automation is a useful tool for repetitive pay cycles, but it is not a set-and-forget pay method. It could require your input when disruptions occur. Let's have a look at those disruptions surrounding public holidays.

Updated: March 2023

You can think of Pay Automation as doing the same thing over and over again, in a loop. When something happens to disrupt that loop, like a pay not being available to process as it normally would because of a bank closure for a public holiday, it could require resetting the loop to get things on the right track again. To find out how pay automation works in our system, we have this help article that explains what works well, and what doesn't with pay automation.

When should I do a manual pay?

You MUST create a manual pay with another pay day when your scheduled pay day in pay automation: 

  • falls on the day directly after a public holiday, AND
  • you fund your pay on the public holiday as an overnight payment.


This is because Thankyou Payroll process pays in the evening and the banks are closed when you fund your pay. For this reason, your pay will not process and your staff will not be paid. Doing a manual pay with another pay day is necessary

Info - Blue Block (1)The next payment to Thankyou Payroll after the disrupted week (with the public holiday) will create the next pay in the cycle. You do not need to do anything further.

The exception is when there is another public holiday in this following week, such as with Christmas and New Year's.

Why was my pay day moved to a later date after a public holiday?

Your pay day will be moved to the next available pay day when your scheduled pay day in pay automation:

  • falls on the day directly after a public holiday, AND
  • you fund your pay before the public holiday/s.


Your pay automation will revert to your programmed pay day for the next pays after the moved-date pay.

If I do a manual pay, will my pay automation revert to the original settings automatically?

Yes. After a manual pay, one-off payment, or a correction pay, your pay cycle will revert to its original settings. To check that this is the case, we recommend that you create the next pay by pressing the "Create a new pay" button, followed by the "Default pay" button to check that the next pay days fall on the correct dates. If you are unsure, please contact our Help Desk.

The exception to this is when your deposit arrives on what would have been your pay day, or if there is a pay still unprocessed on your dashboard. In these instances, you may need to set up the pay automation again like you did the first time. For a quick reminder on how this is done, follow the steps in this article.

Will I be notified if I have to do a manual pay?

Yes, Thankyou Payroll will send a notification email to you if you have to do a manual pay. 

If you are unsure, you can also read the Help Centre article written for the public holiday in question. In these articles, we give pay day-specific information to help you run your payroll easily.

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