Importing Employee Data

You can import data from a CSV file to bring employees over from a previous system.

Things to check before you import files:


  • Make sure your data is in a CSV (Coma Separated Values) file format. The most likely source of data like this is a previous payroll app, like MYOB, or a spreadsheet program, both of which will export a .csv file.
  • The 'employee details' upload will create employee profiles for any employee names in the CSV file you use. For the other uploads, it is assumed that you have already created an employee profile for each employee. If you have already created basic profiles for your employees, the names in the profiles must match the import data exactly or the system will assume you want to create a new profile.
  • Date format DD/MM/YY
  • Bank account format XX-XXXX-XXXXXXX-XXX
  • Name format: Smith Julie Anne (surname_firstname/s)
  • The name should be exactly the same in all CSV files you use to import data.

Employee Details

Mandatory fields: 

  • Employee name, start date, IRD Number
  • Bank account format XX-XXXX-XXXXXXX-XXX
  • IRD number format:  XXX XXX XXX


Mandatory fields:

  • Employee name, tax code, rate, per hour/week etc


Mandatory fields: 

  • Employee name, pay end date, gross

The pay should be in ascending order (oldest pay at the top, the most recent one at the bottom)

Large files should be split into multiple files, each one less than 5 Mb

The history of a single employee should be in one file

Please check once again the column names before pressing the submit button.



1.  Select the type of data you want to import.

2.  Select your CSV file.

3. Click 'Import'.

Select the appropriate column names from the drop down menu to match the TYP profile format.

Click 'Submit'

You're done. If you have more data to upload, click the link to go back to the main upload page.


Employee profile data comes from many different sources and we can't anticipate all the formats that may be uploaded. When the system encounters information that it does not understand, is in an incorrect format or if the file is corrupted, we may not be able to proceed. 

Try opening the CSV file in Open Office Sheets and then export the file as a new CSV (name it something different so you don't overwrite the original file). Try uploading again. 

If you still encounter errors try matching only the mandatory fields and see if it works. You may have to do some information loading manually in the employee profiles.

We have templates available for you to use. Just get in touch with the help team.