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How to enter public holidays

You are required to record any public holidays that your employees take off and any that they work. How you treat each employee will depend on their employment contract.

A permanent employee will be treated differently to a casual employee, for example. 

If you are unsure whether your employees are due a paid public holiday off, or a day alternate holiday (day-in-lieu) for working a public holiday please refer to the Employment New Zealand website.


Paying an employee when they have taken a public holiday off

Most permanent employees are entitled to be paid when they take a public holiday off, if it falls on a day that they would normally work.

Add the 'Public Hol off' pay type in their timesheet

In this example, the public holiday is on a Monday. The employee normally works Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



    1. Add a new row
    2. Select 'Public Hol off' from the list of pay types in the new row.
    3. IF there hours entered in the 'Standard pay' row, remove these so the employee is not paid twice.
    4. Add the hours your employee would have normally worked, in the 'Public Hol off' row.

    Update and save the timesheet 

    Check to see if you need to adjust the payment



    To check that the public holiday is being calculated at the expected rate:
    1. Click into the entry field after you have saved the timesheet.
    2. Typical hours are shown here. Depending upon your settings the hours shown will be the week total hours divided by the days worked, OR it will show the days actual typical hours.
    3. When your employee has variable hours you can choose to pay them at the average daily rate, rather than the ordinary. But assuming your employee profile data is complete and correct, the system will default to the ordinary rate that they would usually be paid on a normal day.

    Paying an employee when they have worked on a public holiday

    Typically, employees that work on a public holiday are entitled to 'time and half', which means they get paid at 1.5x their standard pay and are entitled to an 'Alternative Holiday' day (a day in lieu). 

    For more information, go to www.employment.govt.nz

    Add the hours worked to their timesheet




    1. Add a new row
    2. Select 'Pub hol wrkd' from the list of pay types for the new row
    3. Remove any hours in the 'Standard pay' row for the day of the public holiday
    4. Add the hours that your employee worked that day. These hours will be paid at 1.5x their standard pay rate
    5. Add another row and select 'Alt hol [+](days)'
    6. Enter '1' into this row for any public holiday day that was worked - this adds 1 day to the employee's alternative holiday balance for use later.

    Update and save the timesheet.

    In some cases, your employee will be eligible for a special penalty rate. If they are eligible for special rates you should see if paying at these other rates will result in a greater value of pay for the day than paying at 1.5x the actual time worked. If they would earn more being paid at the special rate, do not use this pay type. Pay them using the special penalty rate pay types - you may have to create these in their profile.