How can I see on the dashboard when to fund a pay around public holidays?

When looking at the "you deposit" green box, sometimes there is an added green arrow. Read on to see what this means for you.

Updated: March 2023

To see when to fund your pay, look at the green 'you deposit' box.


In this example, you need to fund your pay before 6 pm Tuesday 11th April for an overnight pay.

Around public holidays, sometimes there is a green arrow on the top left corner of the 'you deposit' box. This means that your pay must be funded the day before.


In this example, the small green arrow indicates that you have to fund your pay by 10 pm on Thursday 6th April for 2-Day processing, even though the 'you deposit' box is on Friday 7th April. That arrow indicates you need to move that deposit back a day.

So keep an eagle eye out for that elusive green arrow!

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