The Pay Slip Export Function

You are able to access your employee's historic pay slips by generating them through this reporting function. Here is how.

Updated: October 2023

What is the 'Pay Slip Export' function used for?

The Pay Slip Export function accesses your employee pay slip history. This can be generated for both current and previous employees.

Info - Blue Block (1)Exporting pay slips is a quick and easy way to access your employee's date and time record as each pay slip has detailed information on hours worked, pays, deductions, and leave. 

Accessing the Pay Slip Archive

GlobalNav_Path_Payslip Export

From the Dashboard, go to Reports/Archive and select 'Pay Slip Export' from the dropdown menu. This will take you to the Pay slip Export page, from where you can generate historic pay slips.

Using the Pay Slip Export Function

This is an example of the Pay Slip Export page. Click on an orange explore button to find out more:

Other Ways of Accessing the Pay Slip History 

This information can also be accessed through generating Employee Reports or by creating a Custom Report and selecting the required data to be included.