Why is Direct Debiting refusing to set?

When you press the 'Confirm and Debit' button, you may see a pop-up telling you that the Direct Debit cannot be used for this pay. Here's what you can do to fix this.

Updated: November 2023

image (27)When you see this pop-up, luckily there is a simple solution.

All this pop-up tells you is that you are trying to do a Direct Debit for an overnight pay.

Press the 'OK' button on the pop-up.

You have two options for resolving this issue:

Option 1: Change the processing from overnight to another option

  1. In the processing area, select either 2-day or 1-day processing. The 'You Deposit' box will move back according to your choice as shown in the image below.
  2. Now press the 'Confirm and debit' button before 6 pm on the 'You deposit' day. Your Direct Debit should run as planned.


Info - Blue Block (1)The green box must be today's date or a day in the future. You may need to move your pay day to do this.


You will see the following changes once your Direct Debit has been processed:


  • The 'Confirm and debit' button is now a 'Suspend debit' button, so you can update this pay if needed until 6 pm on the 'you deposit' day. You can update timesheet anytime up to 6 pm on the evening we process your pay. Any additional funds will need to be manually transferred. Don't forget to put your client reference number on your transfer!

Once we've received the money, you will see:

  • The 'ready for payment' message will appear next to the pay number once we've received the money.
  • An orange 'Ready' banner will appear on the blue 'We'll pay' box once we've received the money.

Info - Blue Block (1)Direct Debiting cannot be used to fund overnight pays. If you need to do an overnight pay, you will have to do a manual transfer. See Option 2 for how to set up a manual transfer.

Option 2: Keep the overnight pay option, but do a manual transfer of funds

  1. If you need to keep the deposit date, do not press the 'Confirm and debit' button as you do not want to set up the Direct Debit order.
  2. To fund this pay, do a manual transfer of the 'You deposit' funds by 6 pm on the 'You deposit' date. Your pay should run as planned funded by the manually transfered funds.

Info - Blue Block (1)Do not forget to include your client reference number on your manual transfer!


That is it! You have now fixed the processing time error and your pay should run as planned.