Why didn't my Direct Debit come out of my bank account last night?

There are two main reasons for a Direct Debit to be missed. Let's have a look.

Updated: November 2023

If your Direct Debit did not run from your bank account as expected, check the following possible reasons:

Reason 1: The 'Confirm and debit' button was not pressed

The 'Confirm and debit' button gives us the authority to take the money from your account. If the button was not pressed, there was no Direct Debit authority given for this pay. For that reason, a Direct Debit will not run from your bank account for this pay.

Info - Blue Block (1)Please check that the person loading the pays has been given the authority to 'Confirm and debit'. If not, they won't see this button. They will only have the 'Finalise pay' button.

*For more information, follow this link.

Reason 2: The 'Confirm and debit' button was pressed AFTER the 6 pm cut-off time

There is a 6 pm cut-off time for Direct Debit confirmation on the 'You deposit' date. If the 'Confirm and debit' button was pressed after this cut-off time, you will see a pop-up informing you of what to do next. The funds will not be taken from your bank account this evening. The pay will remain open on your dashboard, awaiting funds.

Info - Blue Block (1)We can only ever take ONE Direct Debit per pay. If your Direct Debit has been processed and you've changed timesheets we will not take any additional funds required.

*Manual transfer of additional funds is needed for the pay to run.

How do I fund this pay?

Option 1:  Do a manual transfer of the 'You deposit' funds

Fund this pay through a manual transfer of the 'You deposit' amount. The pay should run on the 'We'll pay' day or as soon as the funds are received after this date.

Option 2: If you did not press the 'Confirm and debit' button, you can set up the Direct Debit now with 1-day processing, if still practical.

Change the processing to 1-day processing (if the date is today or a date in the future) and press the 'Confirm and debit' button now. Please note that your fees will be impacted for fast processing

Info - Blue Block (1)If your Direct Debit did not go through as planned, please reach out to our Customer Success Team. We will double-check your plan B to make sure it runs according to plan. This could be an urgent pay.