Managing Multiple Direct Debit Pays Loaded in Advance on the Dashboard

Loading multiple pays in advance can be convenient if you understand the processing order rule. This article takes you through the helpful multiple-pay dashboard feature.

Updated: October 2023

The Thankyou Payroll Dashboard can handle multiple pays loaded in advance. However, there are certain things to be aware of especially if you are funding your pay with a Direct Debit.

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Direct Debit Funding Order

If you have multiple pays loaded on the dashboard, it is easy to miss a Direct Debit being confirmed, which will result in a pay not being fully funded. A Direct Debit will take the amount due in the 'You deposit' box on the 'You deposit' date, but will apply the funds to the next pay that needs funding, not always to the pay it was intended for.

For this reason, we recommend limiting the number of pays you have loaded on your dashboard for direct debiting so that you will have greater control over which pay is funded.

Info - Blue Block (1)Golden Rule for Direct Debit Funding:

Pays are funded in numerical order, from the lowest number to the highest number.

*So the Direct Debit funds will be applied to the lowest pay number first until that pay is funded, then to the next pay number up.

DashboardMultiPayFundingThink of it this way

All funds go into the same bucket, so funds are not connected with a specific pay number.

Pay 1 at the bottom of the dashboard will process first, then Pay 2, then Pay 3, upwards. Doesn't matter if they are set with a Direct Debit or manual funding.

If Pay 1 is not fully funded, it will stay and wait till enough funds arrive to fully find this pay. Pay 2 will not process until Pay 1 is completed. Think of this as a blockage - no pay will process until it is cleared. Direct Debits will run as approved, but the funds will be applied to clear the blockage, then the next pay up.

What happens if I miss a Direct Debit?

An unfunded, or partly funded pay will remain open on the dashboard until it is fully funded. This pay has to be processed before pays above it will run.

The most common implications of missed Direct Debits are:

  • Random pay dates as pays process once fully funded - which could be much later than planned.
  • Charges will likely be for a fast plan turnaround.

Common Questions about Multiple Pays for Direct Debiting

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Info - Blue Block (1)Take care to delete projection pays you do not wish to run, e.g. doing cashflow projection dummy runs for closedowns or the festive season.


* If you leave these open on the dashboard they will process once they are fully funded and their pay dates are reached, throwing out your cleverly planned holiday payroll.
* If you don't want to delete the projection, simply change the pay date to move it up above the pays you do want to process.

Now that you know how to manage multiple pays on the dashboard you can use this feature wisely to make your payroll work for you, even when you are on leave.

Easy as that!